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Ask your candidates to End the Delays

We know GPs often struggle to recognise blood cancer symptoms such as unexplained bruising, bleeding and night sweats.  

In fact, around 30% of people with blood cancer see their GP three or more times before they get a diagnosis. This is contributing to long delays in diagnosis, with devastating consequences for people’s health and their survival. 

Diana, who lost her father to blood cancer, says: ‘My family’s world fell apart when my father died of blood cancer just 13 days after being diagnosed. He went to the GP several times to be told he had things ranging from gout to Lyme disease – never blood cancer.’ 

We need GPs to get the help they need to better spot signs of blood cancer. 

That’s why we’re calling on governments across the UK to offer GPs more support to help recognise blood cancer signs and symptoms. 

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