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Over the last month, thousands of people have helped make the case for household members of people with blood cancer to be prioritised for the vaccine. Thank you to everyone who has helped to highlight the campaign. The JCVI, the committee that advises the government on vaccines, have released new guidance that says the next stage of the vaccine rollout will be based purely on age, which we know will be really disappointing for everyone who wants their household members to get a vaccine to help protect them. You can read our full statement here.


We are continuing to fight for fast and effective research into how effective the vaccines will be, and want the Government to set out what support will be available after March 31 for the blood cancer community.  As the infection rate continues to decline (the fewer people who are infected, the lower the risk of day-to-day activities) and the more we find out about the immune response in people with blood cancer, the sooner we can all get back to some normality.


In the meantime, if you live with someone with blood cancer and you would like to be vaccinated, please try contacting your local GP, try calling 119 or vaccination hub to explain your situation. The definition of ‘unpaid carer’ has been broadened, and we have heard from lots of people who have been able to get a vaccine this way, though the rules are still not fully clear and it is may depend on the discretion of the person you speak to.